Obama to SEIU: "Now the Time Has Come For Us to Do It All Across the Country – We Are Going to Paint the Nation Purple With SEIU" (Video)

“I’ve been working with SEIU before I was elected to anything.”

Naked Emporer News discovered this long lost Obama speech to SEIU supporters in Chicago:

Via Breitbart TV

Obama, of course, admitted during this speech that he has a long history with the radical organization. He also admitted to organizing and protesting with the SEIU.

State Sen. Barack Obama and his radical mentor and friend Fr. Michael Pfleger led a protest against the payday loan industry demanding the State of Illinois to regulate loan businesses back in January 2000. (NBC 5 Week of January 3, 2000)

Sen. Barack Obama told the Chicago Sun-Times in 2004 that he had three spiritual advisors: radical Jeremiah Wright, radical James Meeks, and radical Father Michael Pfleger.
Pfleger and Obama participated in rallies together.
For some strange reason the corrupt state-run media never reported on this before the election last year.



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