Unreal. Local Media Reports That Union Thugs Screaming “F**k You!” Are “Christmas Caroling”

Hmm. Maybe this is the liberal version of Silent Night?
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism reported on a recent incident in Quincy.

Union thugs went to harass a business executive at his home.
WGEM reported:

It’s Christmas caroling with a message.

Wednesday night, locked out workers from Roquette America in Keokuk staged a very unique protest.


They took a break from the picket lines to go caroling outside the homes of top Roquette executives who live in Quincy.

Dana provdes the rest of the story: A caravan of 80 people went to a home to sing insults and, according to eyewitnesses, shouting “F*CK YOU” at various houses right before Christmas? …On private property. I’m told by locals that one of the houses they visited was down a private lane of an elderly couple whose granddaughter often stays with them (and luckily wasn’t the night the union struck) – the union trespassed.



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