Governor Scott Walker: Unions Won’t Pull a ‘Franken’ in Wisconsin Election

(Fairly Conservative)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told Newsmax this weekend that Republicans won’t allow unions to pull a “Franken” in the state’s supreme court election.

Impartial conservative Justice David Prosser leads his far left opponent after he picked up 7,500 votes from Brookfield in a review after the election on Tuesday.
MinnPost reported:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gave an interview to NewsMax. The resulting story, by David A. Patten, says: “On Friday, Gov. Walker visited Newsmax and its CEO, Christopher Ruddy, at the company’s West Palm Beach, Fla., headquarters. In his exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV — part of a national tour to drum up national support for his dramatic fight against public unions who are seeking recall elections of Walker allies in the Wisconsin legislature — the Republican governor says there is no way any legitimate recount would result in a victory for Prosser’s liberal opponent. But that doesn’t remove the threat. Under Wisconsin law organized labor can get a recount if they’re working to pay for it. Walker says unions hope to replicate in Wisconsin ‘what was pulled off with Senator [Al] Franken in Minnesota.’ He promises, though, that Republicans will be on guard against any post-election ballot shenanigans.”



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