ELECTION RESULTS: Romney Wins: KY, IN, WV, SC, MS, AL, OK, TN, AR, KS, ND, SD, TX, LA, WY, NE… Obama Wins: VT, MA, NJ, IL, RI, DC, NY, MD , DE, WI, PA

I’ll be updating this post all night tonight—
FOX News called Kentucky and Indiana for Mitt Romney.
That’s one pick up for Mitt!
Obama takes socialist Vermont.

From FOX News: Independents in Virginia are going 53-41 to Romney!
DICK MORRIS: Obama only carried women in Virginia by 5 pts. not enough for him to win!
More… Huge turnout in coal country (they aren’t voting for Obama)
We’re hitting the numbers we need to in NoVA

UPDATE: FOX Calls West Virginia for Romney.
And South Carolina.

FOX News reported that the OSU county did not have the big turnout they were expecting in Ohio.



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