High School Dropout Edward Snowden Made $200,000 a Year With NSA …Update: He Shopped His Story Around

NSA leaker Edward Snowden was a high school dropout who later earned a GED.
He worked as a security guard and by age 29 was making $200,000 a year in Hawaii.
Doug Ross reported:

No, let’s examine the reported resume of Snowden (dates are estimated):

• Raised in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and later moved to Maryland.

• Attended a community college, but never completed his coursework and never graduated from high school.

• 2003-2004: U.S. Army, discharged after training accident

• 2005: NSA, Security Guard, University of Maryland.

• 2006: CIA, IT security.

• 2007-2009: CIA, diplomatic cover, Switzerland.

• 2009-2013: NSA Contractor, Dell and later Booz Allen Hamilton.

• Salary: around $200,000.

What? Seriously? So a guy who never even graduated from high school (he later reportedly earned a G.E.D.) and started his professional career as a security guard, got hired by a couple of defense contractors and — at age 29 — was making $200K a year?

Snowden donated to the Ron Paul campaign.

UPDATE: Edward Snowden reportedly shopped his story around.



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