Striking Wendy’s Worker: Increase Minimum Wage, So I Can Work Less Hours (Video)

It’s an Obama World…
WTNH TV ran a segment on the minimum wage protests yesterday.
This is what they heard.
“That $15 an hour, that would mean I would have to work a little less days.”

The PJ Tatler reported:

Reporter Jeff Valin interviews Alesha Fuller. Fuller is among the fast food workers striking to get their pay raised to $15 per hour. Why $15? Why not $20? Or $30? The level they’re demanding is arbitrary.

Valin asks the single mom, “How much of a difference would it be to make $15 an hour for you?”

Fuller replies, “That would be a major difference. I will get a lot, a lot of things done that I really need done right now. And that $15 an hour, that would mean I would have to work a little less days instead of every day, all day.”

You mean, like the rest of us?



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