TASTELESS…911 Gift Shop Sells Twin Tower Nicknacks At Ground Zero

Gross. Did you know the 911 Museum at Ground Zero has a tourist gift shop?

Downstairs: Unidentified remains of victims of the 911 Jihad, resting in a memorial “tomb of the unknown.”

Upstairs: 911 “Darkness Tote” bag for $15. Anyone wanna take a guess where they’re made?

Darkness Tote

Don’t want to blow $15 bucks on a Tote? They have cheaper options for you. Like a “Darkness Mug” for 12.99.

Darkness Mug

Looking to be a little more frugal at the Ground Zero Tourist Attraction? They have a Darkness option for you too. The “Darkness Keychain” is what you’re looking for. Just 4 bucks!

Darkness Keychain

Can you buy a Darkness Koran?

Understandably family members of the dead are outraged.

The idea of a gift shop alone is offensive to many, but is made even more painful considering 8,000 unidentified remains of victims were recently moved to a tomb beneath the museum. 

‘Here is essentially our tomb of the unknown. To sell baubles I find quite shocking and repugnant,’ Diane Horning, who lost her  26-year-old son Matthew in the attacks, told the New York Post. [more…]




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