Liberal Heads Explode as Donations Top $840,000 for Memories Pizza

The GoFundMe campaign for Memories Pizza topped $840,000 today.
pizzeria donations

Of course, the left is suffering a full-blown meltdown  over the success of the campaign.

One loon, Kandyce Brothers, managed to accuse the GoFundMe site of being a “Koch” conspiracy and “dirty GOP trick” where all those rich conservatives donated an average of $29,000 each.
Here is her response:

Kandyce Brothers gogfundme raised just over 840k with almsot 30,000 donors. do the math that would make each donor giving approx almost $29,000.00?????? ooooh come on now that anyone belieces this wasnt a dirty GOP trick to garner support for conservatives. This was koch brothers funded and media manipulated to make liberabls look extremely bad. The right wing propaganda machin strikes again

Obviously, Kandyce is no math whiz.

We did the math, Kandyce… $840,000 divided by 29,000 donors comes out to around $29 each.
But good luck moving forward on your life path.



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