Lebanese Minister: 2% of Refugees to Europe are Islamists – Thousands Entering Germany This Year (VIDEO)

A Lebanese official believes 2{c18972fae7bad54fccba2a5109f73c6e4ffe73508739d7249e14c4c49d351322} of all refugees-migrants entering country may be Islamist radicals.

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Lebanon’s Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said 2{c18972fae7bad54fccba2a5109f73c6e4ffe73508739d7249e14c4c49d351322} of migrants entering Europe may be Muslim radicals.

That means 16,000 Islamists may enter Germany this year.

75{c18972fae7bad54fccba2a5109f73c6e4ffe73508739d7249e14c4c49d351322} of the refugees entering Europe are men.

John Bolton spoke on the crisis this morning on America’s Newsroom:


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