Iraq and Japan Contrasted

Wilsonizer contrasts the two nations in planning and executing a postwar occupation.

Wilsonizer’s post made me think of these numbers from an earlier post:

Comparing Quagmires:

Japan- VJ Day 8/15/1945- Constitution Ratified- 11/3/1946 1 Years 3 Months
Germany- VE Day 5/8/1945 Constitution Ratified- 5/23/1949 4 Years
Italy- VE Day 5/8/1945 Constitution Ratified- 12/11/1947 2 Years 7 Months
France- VE Day 5/8/1945 Constitution Ratified- (4th Version) 10/27/1946 (5th version) 10/4/1958 1,13 Years 5,5 Months
US- Declaration of Independence- 7/4/1776 Constitution Ratified- 9/17/1787 11 Years 2 Months
Iraq- Iraq War Began Ratification Election- 10/15/2005 2 Years 7 Months (since war began)
EU- In process



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