Grim Benchmark Reminder

The AP repeats the Far Left insanity today: It now has taken the US longer to squelch the insurgency in Iraq than win the Second World War.

Of course, it the AP were honest, it took the US about a month to take the country out of control of Saddam Hussein. It also took the US a few extra years to get a Constitution up and running in Japan, Germany, etc. And, in case they missed it, there are still troops in Germany and Okinawa- hence, the Murtha Plan.

And, of course the US was losing more soldiers each month in World War II than we’ve lost in the entire 5 years in the war on terror.
This latest is just more proof that the media is insanely biased.

Mudville Gazette has a clear picture on this latest defeatist rant from the the AP.
RedState has more numbers.
Macs Mind– MSM Idiot Parade.

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