4,000 Patriots Rally With James O'Keefe at St. Louis Tea Party Protest

4,000 patriots rallied in St. Louis today.
James O’Keefe of ACORN-busting fame, headlined the Holiday Tea Party Protest.

okeefe 10
Robert Brenner took this photo from the top level of a parking garage next to the park.

John Burns was running the protest gulag today.

okeefe 6
Keiner Plaza was filled with Tea Party mobsters and racists.

Holiday Tea Party 051
Dana Loesch revved up the crowd.

okeefe 8
Here I am with James before his speech. His St. Louis fans appreciated his presence.

okeefe 7
Tea Party organizer Bill Hennessy was thrown into the gulag… He must not have had his insurance card.

A Cuban-American spoke to the crowd today about the dangers of socialism.
He doesn’t want this same red plague to ruin the United States:


okeefe 4
James O’keefe was a hit with the crowd in St. Louis.

Loved this– “Re-Defeat Communism 2012.”

A Traditional Life Lived has more photos from the event.

Reboot Congress has more and Bob McCarty has some great photos.

Sharp Elbows has loads of pictures.

UPDATE: KSDK reported on the protest.
Here is the video–

They included a few clips from my speech.
The leftie trolls are out in force in the comments.

UPDATE 2: KMOV has another video report from the rally.



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