Blogger Poll: Gov. Scott Walker One of Most Liked American Conservatives

Rght Wing News held their 2nd Annual Ultimate Like/Dislike Poll For Famous People On The Right.
Conservatives chose Chief Justice John Roberts, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Governor Scott Walker as most likable.

Most Popular (Strongly like + like percentage)

15) Andrew Breitbart: 95.5%
14) George Will: 95.6%
13) Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit: 95.7%
11) Fred Thompson: 97%
11) National Review: 97%
9) The Tea Party: 97.1%
9) Charles Krauthammer: 97.1%
6) Allen West: 98.5%
6) Thomas Sowell: 98.5%
6) David Limbaugh: 98.5%
5) Chris Christie: 98.6%
1) Scott Walker: 100%
1) Paul Ryan: 100%
1) Marco Rubio: 100%
1) John Roberts: 100%

I missed the top 15 but you can see how I ranked along with other conservatives here.



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