Driver Shot Dead at NSA Front Gate Was Troubled Transgender Sex Worker

A driver tried to ram his vehicle into a gate at Fort Meade Monday morning resulting in a shooting.
fort meade attack

The two men in the car were dressed as women.
A wig was seen on the street after the shooting.

The driver of the vehicle was a transgender sex worker – Ricky Shawatza Hall.
He was last seen out working a Baltimore strip before the incident Monday morning.
Ricky, who went by the name Mya, was partying all night at a hotel and was driving a stolen vehicle.
CNS News reported:

The driver killed in a violent confrontation at a National Security Agency gate was a transgender sex worker in Baltimore, according to those who knew her, and she was remembered Wednesday as a friendly but troubled loner.

Ricky Shawatza Hall, 27, was killed Monday when NSA police opened fire on a stolen car that then crashed into a police vehicle. A passenger and an officer were wounded.

Kayla Brooks, who works at a transgender outreach program in Baltimore, said Hall went by the name Mya, and that she last saw her on Sunday. Brooks says Hall “seemed high and was looking for a date” while walking up and down a Baltimore strip known as a hotspot for sex work.

“She was nice and friendly,” Brooks said of Hall, “but very troubled.”

Court documents show that Hall had a history of theft and assault. In 2013, she was charged with assaulting a woman and stealing a bottle of methadone from her pocket. Hall wore a yellow dress at the time of the assault, the documents show. In 2014, Hall was charged with robbery after stealing a vest and skirt from a Baltimore clothing store.

Hall also was charged with assault in February of 2014 while at central booking in Baltimore after she grabbed a broom handle from a supply closet and smashed a window with it. Documents show that Hall ran out of her cell after another inmate attacked her. Hall was being held in a men’s unit of the jail.

trans nsa
Ricky Shawatza Hall or Mya was shot dead trying to ram the car he was driving into NSA headquarters at Fort Meade.



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